Chop border guards detained two groups of illegal migrants


Last weekend border guards apprehended two more groups of illegal migrants intending to “force their way” to EU countries illegally beyond the check points.

In the first case, border guards of BS “V.Bereznyi” received information from local inhabitants about appearance of the group of unfamiliar persons in the border area. This information was passed to neighbouring subdivisions. The border guards of BSs “V.Bereznyi” and “Novoselytsya” organized the search of “uninvited guests”. In half an hour, operative group of BS “Novoselytsya” detained a group of African people, who had no any documents identifying their personality. However, they reported their nationality to be Somali. They intended to get to the territory of European Union.

In the second case, two citizens of Republic of Moldova “failed” to get over Slovakian border in the area of BS “Guta”. This time the border detail worked well – after detecting the trespassers and reporting about them to subdivision it continued the trailing. Soon, border detail directed the operative group to the unknown “travellers”. After detention, trespasser informed that they did not have any documents identifying them and they named Moldova as the country of their origin. At the present moment, detainees are under the procedure of circumstances establishment. Administrative-procedural documents are prepared. Their responsibility before the law and further destiny will be decided by the court.