Underground tunnel from Uzhgorod to Europe was used also for illegal migrants (video)


Built up tunnel under the border of Ukraine and Slovakia could be used not only for contraband of goods but also for smuggling people – it was said by the Minister of Interior of Slovakia Robert Kaliak.

“Tunnel was equipped on high level, home-made train was running there. It was used for contraband of consumer goods mainly cigarettes. However, we suspect that tunnel was also used to smuggle illegal migrants. This is an extraordinary event.  There was no similar thing either in Slovakia or in neighbouring countries.”

The tunnel to EU was almost 700 m. It lies at a depth of 6 meters. Underground joins storage facilities of the town Vyshne Nemetske at Slovakian border and one of the private houses in Uzhgorod.

Inside there is electricity, there are railings along the tunnel on which home-made mini electrical train goes. Slovakian police officers confessed that they were just shocked not by finding the tunnel under the border but by its construction and equipment.

The facts state that this construction was used for smuggling – big reserve of tobacco goods were found in the rolling stock. However, the inquest regards that there will be much more persons involved in the case.

It is rumoured in Transcarpathia about possible involvement of authorities to large-scale smuggle way. Though, there are more questions than answers from Ukrainian side.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/119617