The owner of the “tunnel to Europe” is known Uzhgorod businessman (video in Ukrainian article)


When the owner was building the house, neighbours were wondering that he removed a lot of soil out of there. They thought he was digging the place for swimming pool. Nobody lived in that house. The name of the persons visiting the house the most often was learned by law enforcement agents. It is famous Uzhgorod businessman and Maecenas. Law enforcement agents found and took all material evidences from the house in Uzhgorod, under which there was a tunnel going to Slovakian side. As it became known, Commission of Security Service would work there. Soon, the tunnel will be exploded or flooded. In 2004, the land in this area was given to some workers of Security Service for merits. One of them sold his land. Just this is the land under which the tunnel was excavated in 4 years. Experts insist that the tunnel is modern. Special excavating machines were involved in its creation. Law enforcement agents confiscated a kilo of white powder as well as handmade trolleys, tracks, motors and contraband cigarettes. Besides, five passports of the citizens of Afghanistan were found. Builders working nearby had often seen that minibus with people arrived to the house.