Georgians and Algerians were detained at the railway stations nearby the border


Two citizens of Georgia were detained in the evening at the railways station “Chop” in Transcarpathian region. During the duty border guards of Chop Detachment watched over the persons, who planned to cross illegally the border. When two men, Georgians, descended  from the train arrived from Odessa, border guards decided to check their documents. Soon, in the course of a talk, 24 and 27-year-old detainees confessed that they really intended to get illegally to the countries of European Union. At the present moment, men are attracted to administrative responsibility.

Four more travellers were detained the day before at the railway station “Rava-Ruska” in Lviv region. They were citizens of Algeria of the age 20 and 25. However, the truthfulness of their words is established. Detainees did not have any documents. So, other conditions of their trip are also examined.

In the course of 6 months of the current year, the officers of State Border Service of Ukraine detained more than 1000 persons for illegal cross of the border or attempt to cross the border of Ukraine illegally and for the violation of the rules on stay at the territory of Ukraine by the foreigners. Majority of them are citizens from Moldova, Somalia, Georgia, Russia and Afghanistan.