Trainings for children-refugees

July 2012


Teenagers often do not now how to protect their rights. What should they do, where address for help? That is why trainings “Rights of a child” and “My rights and obligations” were conducted in the frames of joint project “Adaptation programme for children-refugees and asylum seekers residing at Temporary Holding Facility in Odessa” of Danish Refuge Council and Charity Fund “Sympathy”.

Considering complexity of material, colour posters with funny pictures with poems as to Articles of “Convention about rights of a child” were published. For younger children a play form was chosen in training conducting and an accent was made upon the rights and obligations of a child in the family and mode. Principle rights of children were included in the work with teenagers while learning the statements of “Convention about rights of a child” as well as Laws of Ukraine. Obligation and responsibility of under-age persons became the main issues of the trainings.

Minors remembered that in definite conditions they bare criminal, administrative and other responsibility. They learned to differentiate infringement and crimes.

Rights and obligations of teenagers defined by labour legislation were decided to be examined in details at the circuit training “Your future profession” at Odessa Municipal Job Centre due to which agreement was reached to be held it in August.