Afghans were caught at Transcarpathian border because of pregnant


In Transcarpathia 7 illegal migrants from Afghanistan were detected at Ukrainian-Slovakian border, who were left by the smugglers to the mercy of fate. The circumstances happened because of pregnant woman feeling herself bad at the very border…

Seven citizens of Afghanistan were caught at once by the border guards of Chop Border Detachment in the area of BS “Novoselytsya” in Transcarpathia. Border guards detected and stopped violators 15 metres before the border line. There were two adults, four teenagers and a child of 2 years old. Besides, it was established that a woman was pregnant (7th month) and when she felt bad and was not able to go smugglers left them in the forest and hid.

Border guards took pregnant woman to the hospital, where she was rendered medical aid. Detained Afghans were sent to department in order to clarify the circumstances of infringement and establish persons involved in this violation.