Chop border guards detained Somalis and Georgians


Border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” of Chop Border Detachment detained citizens of Somalia and Georgia while they were trying to cross the border illegally.  

In both cases, alarm devices went off reacting upon the movement of unfamiliar persons. The citizens of Somalia trying to get to Slovakia did not put up a resistance and obediently implemented all demands of the border guards, but the group of representatives of Caucasian region in number of 4 persons this time had to be “communicated” with in another way.

After receiving a signal about appearance of unfamiliar persons nearby the border, service dog brought border guards to the quartet of illegal migrants in some minutes, who were in the distance of 300 m before the line of the state border. However, trespassers tried to run away and during detention border guards had to make warning shoot up. Even after detention, runaways continued to put up resistance and threatened border guards with physical punishment.

In a result of detention of four persons without documents identifying their personality introduced themselves as adult citizens of Georgia. They were delivered to subdivision in order to establish the circumstances of the infringement and preparation of administrative and procedural documents. They will be responsible for the resistance to the border guards and for the absence of documents identifying their personality as well as for the attempt of illegal cross of the border of Ukraine: decision about the extent of punishment and their further destiny will be decided by the court.