Chop border guards detained 7 illegal migrants


Last weekend border guards of Chop Detachment stopped several attempts of illegal cross of the state border beyond the check points. Four citizens of Moldova, two Georgians and 1 Somali were apprehended.

In the area of BS “Novoselytsya” due to advance information, three men and one woman – citizens of Moldova were apprehended nearby the state border. The detainees intending to get illegally to Slovakia did not have any documents.

The second detention was of a man, who tried to get over the border without documents and at unallowed for this place. Trespasser was apprehended. He named Georgia as the country of his origin.

Illegal trip of one more citizen of Georgia without documents was stopped by the border guards of BS “Palad Komarivtsi”. He was together with a citizen of Somalia also without documents being detained for attempt to cross illegally the state border by the border guards of BS “Uzhgorod”.

After detention, all violators were delivered to subdivisions in order to establish the circumstances of the infringement and process administrative and procedural documents. At the present moment, all of them are awaiting for the court decision that will define the degree of punishment.