Employee of Migration Service screwed a bribe out of a foreigner


Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kyiv has directed a criminal case to the court concerning the worker of Head Department of State Migration Service of Ukraine in Kyiv and his accomplice, who are accused in incitement to bribe giving and moneys taking of the citizen of Syria.

As it was reported by the press-service of Kyiv Public Prosecutor’s Office, when the citizen of Syria in September last year applied to capital department of SMS with a written application on granting refugee status to him in Ukraine, the employee of Refugee Department told that he would make positive decision after receiving the bribe in the sum of $3500.

When the foreigner refused to give the bribe, the employee rejected in satisfaction of his application. After repeated appeal of Syrian to Migration Service, the official proposed to give the bribe again, but this time in the sum of $5500.

The employee also involved his unemployed friend to crime commitment, who became an accomplice in bribe receiving. During the transmission of the bribe in the sum of 44 000 UAH he was detained by the officers of capital Department of Security Service of Ukraine.

Criminal Case was commenced in accordance with Part 4 Article 27, Part 2 Article 369 of Crime Code of Ukraine (incitement to bribe giving) , Part 2 Article 15, Part 2 Article 190 Crime Code of Ukraine(swindle), Part 1 Article 364 of Crime Code of Ukraine (misuse of power and service state). The maximal punishment according to these Articles is stipulated in the form of imprisonment for the term of 3 years. The accused chose the measure of punishment in the form of pledge.

Source: http://podrobnosti.ua/criminal/2012/10/09/862894.html