Group of illegal migrants from Georgia, Sri Lanka and Algeria were detained at the border


In the area of BS “Milove” of Luhansk Detachment, border guards apprehended a group of illegal migrants from Georgia. Travellers were stopped by law enforcement agents 50 m before the border between Russian village Chertkove and Ukrainian one Milove. Three men and a woman were probably planning to get to Ukraine very quickly as they were dressed quite in summer clothes. A smuggler, citizen of Russia, was also detained together with them.

The same day border guards of BS “Vovchansk” together with the reaction group of mobile frontier post “Dergachi” of Kharkiv Detachment apprehended two men and a woman in the suburb of the village Staryi Sylkiv. All detainees were citizens of Sri Lanka. Travellers were even glad to meet border guards because they got lost in the forest after they had been left by the smuggler.

Two more illegal migrants, de bene esse citizens of Algeria, were caught by the border guards of Chop Detachment. The men had just arrived by the train “Lviv-Solotvyno” to Chop railway station. They did not have any documents, but they informed that they were the students of one of Ukrainian higher universities. Now the checking measures are conducted.