Citizen of Turkey paid € 3000 for the passport of Bulgarian to get to Germany


The citizen of Turkey paid € 3000 for forged passport to get to Germany. But his intentions were not realized, he was detained by the officers of State Border Service in the airport of Odessa.

In the course of the control of the persons arrived from Istanbul, border guards paid attention to a man, who presented passport for travelling abroad belonging to the citizen of Bulgaria. Carrying out thorough examination of the document, border guards established that it was partially forged – another information and photo was on the page with constituent data. The very man was 42-year-old citizen of Turkey. According to his words, the Bulgarian passport he bought in Istanbul for € 3000 and intended to get Germany in order to be employed.

At the present moment, the man is forbidden to enter Ukraine for the term of 3 years and he is sent back by a return flight to the country of departure.