Syrian arrived to Ukraine with forged documents



In the airport Boryspil during the check-in of the passengers from Istanbul, border guards of separate check point “Kyiv” detected 24-yer-old man, who presented partially forged passport of the citizen of Syria for control. The man explained that he intended to study in Ukraine, however the term of his document expired and he addressed for help to his relative that made false his passport. At the present moment Syrian is returned to the country of departure.

Some of the foreigners, as a rule from countries of Southern-Eastern Asia and Africa, use invitations for studies as occasion to get to Ukraine officially having then quite other plans. Besides, foreigners often try to get to Ukraine with the help of illegally received student documents and registration of their passport in Ukraine beforehand, yet before entering the territory of the country.

Generally, since the beginning of the year officers of State Border Service of Ukraine detected 87 forged documents just in the airport Boryspil.