Moldavians made a tour to Italy through Transcarpathia without passports and visas


Border guards of BS “Velykyi Bereznyi” of Chop Detachment detained duet of illegal migrants from Moldova trying to get to EU…  During the night patrolling of the approaches to the state border, border guards stopped two men walking towards Ukrainian-Slovakian border. Detainees did not have any documents when border guards asked them to show some. Later on, men confessed that they aimed at getting illegally to Slovakia in order to continue their trip to Italy. Detainees also reported that they were the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, and they made decision about illegal voyage because of difficult situation in the country of origin. Trespassers were delivered to subdivision in order to establish the circumstances and process administrative and procedural documents. At the present moment, they are waiting for the court decision that will define the measure of punishment.