Iraqi travelled to his wife in France with forger passport of Spaniard


Border guards of Lutsk Detachment apprehended the citizen of Iraq at international airport of the check point “Yagodyn”. He intended to cross the state border of Ukraine to Poland illegally by the train “Kyiv-Warsaw”. Inspector of border control doubted at once about the reality of the document of one of the passengers, who travelled with the passport of the citizen of Spain. After detail check it was established that document was completely forged and the very foreigner confessed that he was the citizen of Iraq. The traveller also explained that his friends in Baghdad acquainted him with a man who for $15000 promised to make passport and deliver him to France to his wife. Besides, unknown persons told him how to behave during the trip at the border. However, such an instructing did not help the violator – he was detained by Ukrainian border guards.

Now, the circumstances of the violation and personality of the foreigner are established.