Will be illegal migrants settled to Transcarpathia!?


Settlers for illegal migrants will be built in Uzhgorod, Solotvyno and Velykyi Bereznyi – such news has spread over the informational space of the region the other day. The reason for this became information from official site of Representation of European Union in Ukraine. As it is said in the press-release published in English, EU has already allotted € 30 million for building seven centers of temporary placing and two holding centers for illegal migrants. Apart from Transcarpathia, centers are planned to be placed on the territory of Lviv, Sumy and Luhansk.

However, it became rather problematic to receive concrete information about who namely got European millions and how they were used. Thus, Mykola Tovt, chief of Department of Migration Service in the oblast, said that he heard about building of such centers in the same way as it was published in Mass Media. He does not have any concrete information. We called to Kyiv to State Migration Service. The chief of Department of Activity Organization at Temporary Accommodation and Detention Centers, Ivan Rybalko reported: State Migration Service does not build any centers for illegal migrants and is not going to construct any on the territory of Transcarpathia. Mr. Rybalko supposed that Border Service is engaged in this issue. Making a call to Transcarpathian border guards, we established that building works in Velykyi Bereznyi, Solotvyno and Mukachevo are still carried out. Nevertheless, these are not the centers for keeping illegal migrants. “A special premise is constructed in Solotvyno in order to hold persons who cross the border illegally”, – it was explained by press-secretary of Mukachevo Border Detachment, Lesya Fedorova. The thing is that after detention of the violators, border guards have only three hours to establish the personality of the detainee. This premise will just serve for the purpose to work with the violators. It is not correct to say that illegal migrants will live there. Money for the very building are received directly from State Border Service. By the way, reconstruction of the building for detained trespassers is carried out in Mukachevo as well. There, a premise is for 18 persons. The same building for the violators of the border zone soon will be built in Velykyi Bereznyi. The first chief deputy of Regional State Administration, Mykhailo Kindrat stresses upon the fact: it is a premise only for temporary stay of persons apprehended by the border guards. It means that trespassers stay there until border guards will identify them. It is not said that illegal migrants will live there, there will no be a settler for illegal migrants in Bereznyi region. Transcarpathians should just hope that just above mentioned premises are considered in the press-release of Representation of European Union in Ukraine. Because, if it is said about construction of classic centers for holding illegal migrants, so Lviv residents as well as municipal authorities would hardly like this. Transcarpathia is known by firm actions when the question is about centers for illegal migrants. And numerous municipal and regional authorities as well as deputies and administration have declared long ago that they are against the transformation of our region into the settler for illegal migrants. “The position of deputy corpus of Regional Council is unequivocal: there will be no camp for illegal migrants in Transcarpathia, – the chief of Regional Council, Ivan Baloha assures. – In 2008 our team insisted on the closing of Pavshyno Camp for illegal migrants in Mukachevo region.” Transcarpathians have already seen what danger they bring: different diseases, growth of criminality. The establishment in Pavshyno negatively influenced upon the tourist and recreation image of the area and could become a source of outbreak of specific diseases in any time, against which local population did not have immunity. In 2009 in Transcarpathia a new camp between Mukachevo villages Dercen and Fornosh was planed to be built. This year, they wanted to construct a center on the grounds of Chop Border Detachment. However, the public did not permit this to do. The question of primary importance for our area is development of tourist and recreation sphere and there is no place for any settlers for illegal migrants”.


Source: http://transkarpatia.net/nadzvychaina-sytuatsia/14486-zakarpattyu-pdselyat-nelegalnih-mgrantv.html