African woman with Swiss passport decided to swindle Chop border guards


Not long ago border guards of BS “Chop” in the course of border control conducted at the train “Moscow-Bratislava”, a special attention was paid to a citizen who presented passport document of the citizen of Switzerland to the border guards. During the identification of the personality, conducting of interview and check of passport document it was established that the passport was real, there were no forgeries, however its belonging to this person was under a question.

After further investigations it was clarified that Swiss woman was the citizen of Democratic Republic of Congo in reality and she aimed to cross the border to Europe using someone’s passport document, which was left for her by one of the relatives residing in Switzerland.

The presence of relatives in Europe was easier way for her to confirm the reason of her trip. But border guards exposed her and according to her age and appearance (anthropometric data) comparing photo in the passport with the face of the bearer were sufficiently different.

Subsequently, according to the results of conducted measures by representatives of State Border Service, the face of the violator was established and according to the court decision she was called to administrative responsibility in the form administrative arrest for the term of 10 days with further return to her country of origin.