Lviv border guards apprehended 5 Libyans with GPS-navigator


Border guards of BS “Syanky” of Mukachevo Detachment detained a group of illegal migrants making their way to Poland. Information about the appearance of vehicle in the suburb of the village Syanky that set down 5 unfamiliar persons of Asian appearance was received by border guards from a local inhabitant. Organizing the search, border guards detained the vehicle. Driver and passenger, being the resident of Lviv oblast, did not have any identifying documents and driving license. Besides, soon the reaction group apprehended 5 travellers in the distance of 1 km from the state border. They had passports for travelling abroad of the citizens of Libya and GPS-navigator. As it was established, Libyans intended to get to Germany to find a job. Now, all detainees are called to administrative responsibility, their further destiny will be decided by the court.