Border guards caught illegal migrants from Georgia at the very border in Transcarpathia


Border guards of Chop Border Detachment stopped illegal cross of Ukrainian-Slovakian state border.  Due to not indifferent local residents that informed about the movement of unfamiliar persons in the border zone, measures on search and detention of unknown persons were conducted in the area of BS “Guta”. Following timely presented information and competent actions of border detail at the post “Kamenitsa”, border guards were able to prevent illegal cross of the state border by four men. They introduced themselves as citizens of Georgia, however, they could not present any identifying documents for the control. In the course of further check, border guards established that Georgians got to the territory of Ukraine legally, but they intended to enter European Union illegally. Administrative and procedural document were processed for all detainees for the attempt to cross the state border illegally. Decision about responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be defined by the court.