Borders of Transcarpathia with EU will be controlled by Slovakian helicopters


For security maintenance from air

Border of Ukraine with Slovakia will soon be guarded by the helicopters for € 7 million. Such a decision was made by Ministry of Interior of Slovakian Republic in order to maintain security at the borders from air.

It was informed by – source from Bratislava.

It is foreseen that Slovakia Republic plans to invest about € 7,000,000 for the purchase of two modern patrol helicopters in the course of 2013-2014 in order to protect air space. Helicopters, equipment with the means of day and nights observation have to be bought on the basis of recommendation contained in the report of Schengen Council for Slovakia. This investment was approved by Cabinet of Ministers of Slovakia some days ago in its renewed “Plan of Actions in Schengen Zone”

It follows from the context of the document that purchase of patrol helicopters will give an opportunity to improve control at the border with Ukraine, especially in terms of illegal cross of the border by the citizens from the countries of the third world. It is also said in the Plan about the completion of 4,5 km sensitive wire laying at the southern area of the state border.
On this purpose Slovakian government has already allotted € 358 000. The works on lying the wire are planned to be finished till the end of June of this year. Renewed Plan of Actions of Slovakia in Schengen Zone also foresees investments in three fourth of million for the purchase of equipment and more than €1,7 million for maintenance of National Informational Schengen System and development of national Schengen Informational System II.