Forged documents were detected at the citizens of Iran and Iraq


On Saturday, border guards of BS “Yagodyn” (Volyn oblast) detected the violator. He intended to cross the border by someone’s passport for travelling abroad. The man of Asian appearance was traveling by train “Kyiv-Warsaw” and gave passport of the citizen of Malta for the check. Law enforcement agents noticed that document was completely forged. In order to establish the circumstances of the infringement, the detainee was invited for the interview during which he gave his real passport – the citizen of Iran. Then, the passport of the citizen of Malta was handed over to MOI officers for consideration as to the forgery of the documents.

Also in the airport “Boryspil”, border guards of BS “Kyiv” detected forged Greece residence certificates. They were detected during the passport control at transit passengers, the citizens of Iraq, who made their way to Helsinki. The men arrived from Tbilisi. Now they are sent by a return flight to the country of departure.