Moldavian tried to get to Russia using railway truck


Moldavian intending to leave the territory of Ukraine illegally was detained by the border guards nearby railway check point “Khutir Mykhailivskyi” (Sumy oblast).

Unfamiliar person was noticed with the help of the video observation camera. The man was walking along the railway trucks in the direction to Russia. Apprehending the traveller, border guards established that he was the citizen of Moldova having only the national passport. The man explained that he decided to avoid border registration, as he had no corresponding documents for crossing Ukrainian-Russian border and went along the railway truck. The detainee is handed over to the workers of MOI.

In the airport “Boryspil” the border guards returned the citizen of China by a return flight to the country of departure. 40-year-old man arrived by a flight from Moscow and gave forged residence certificate of Ukraine for control.