Citizens of Guinea and Senegal travelled with forged documents


Two trespassers were apprehended by the border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment at the check points bordering with Poland. Thus, one of the violators was detected at the check point “Mostytska – railway station”. The passenger of the train moving from Lvov to Wroclaw gave someone’s passport for control. The traveller introduced himself as the citizen of Guinea and explained that that document of the citizen of Poland he purchased from his friend. According to his words, he as if lost his document. At the present moment, the personality is under establishment.

One more trespasser with invalid documents was detained by law enforcement agents of the same detachment at the check point “Shegeni”. The man was walking on foot to Poland. According to the words of the detainee, he was the citizen of Republic of Senegal, and his original document he as if lost in Ukraine.