Africans do not endure severe frosts and die on the half way to Europe


On March 21, 2013 border guards of BS “Novoselytsya” found some migrants froze high in the mountains at the border of Transcarpathia, who hardly died from coldness. As it was reported in the Department on Cooperation with Mass Media of Administration of State Border Service of Ukraine, three men of African appearance wanted to get to Slovakia. The travellers were dressed rather lightly; probably they did not expect such a weather in Transcarpathia. They froze through light jackets and trainers, who also got lost and did not know where to go. Meeting unfamiliar persons that were already in the state of hard over-cooling, the officers of State Border Service took prompt actions in order to rescue them. Despite of complicated weather conditions and recent death of the citizen of Sri Lanka from of over-cooling at the same direction as well as rather big distance to the nearest populated area, border guards informed their Slovakian colleagues about detainees.

They made agreement with Slovakian border guards about transfer of illegal migrants directly to the border and their direction to medical establishment, – as there was only 1 km from the side of Slovakia to the nearest populated area. After the health state of African will be stabilized, their further destiny will be decided.

It was preliminary established that unfamiliar persons were the citizens of Somalia in the age of up to 30. They planned to get illegally to EU countries. Smugglers assisting them in the trip left them.