New International Project of IOM has started



On March 21, the first meeting of Regional Managing Committee (RMC) of the project “Management strengthening of migration processes and cooperation on the issues of readmission in the Eastern Europe” (MIGRECO) took place in the city of Kyiv, which is financed by European Union and is realized by International Organization of Migration starting from February 1, 2013. The target goal of the project is to improve management of migration processes and support in the issues of readmission between the participant-states of the project – Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus – in accordance with the standards of EU. State Migration Service of Ukraine is one of the principal partners of the project on the part of Ukraine.


Project stipulates realization of the following components in Ukraine, namely:

–         attraction of long-term adviser (EU expert) attached to SMS;

–          evaluation of management system in the field of identification;

–          evaluation and conduct of actions on potential raise on the issues of collection, processing, storage and analysis of information in the field of migration;

–          access provision to long-term information and consultations on the issues of safe migration, prevention of human trafficking and protection of migrants’ rights through functioning of Centre of Migrants’ Consultation;

–         problem investigation on integration, crimes on the basis of hate and discrimination of vulnerable groups.

The aim of realization of RMC meetings is successive monitoring of implementing components of the project considering regional peculiarities, elaboration and giving efficient proposals on overcoming the problem moments in case of appearance as well as supply of valuable and efficient activity of the partners at different stages of project realization.

About 40 representatives of Ukrainian, Moldavian and Belarus authorities, IOM missions in these countries, foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine, non-governmental organizations participated at the first RMC meeting.