In 2013 the flow of illegal migrants through Transcarpathia has increased in 25%


Just in the course of 3 months of 2013, border guards apprehended 44 illegal migrants.

According to the words of the chief of Chop Border Detachment, the colonel Roman Gots, namely the number of illegal migrants from Georgia has increased. They often get to Transcarpathia by railway transport or by taxi. They overcome the Carpathian mountains with the help of compasses and locality maps. The goal of all migrants is Slovakia, as legislation of that country permits to apply for refugee status immediately after crossing the border.

Roman Golts reminded about the case happened last week. It is said about detection of three illegal migrants by the border guards of Chop Border Detachment in a very serious physical state. In a result one of the migrants died. According to the words of the chief, law enforcement agents learned about the circle of persons involved in smuggling this group of illegal migrants. When they are detained they will be also accused in leaving in danger as well as in illegal transportation of persons.

The chief border guard also remarked that the biggest number of illegal migrants is caught in the area of Chop Border Detachment, i.e. 65%, one of five ones guarding the western borders of Ukraine.

Roma Golts also addressed through Mass Media to residents of border areas and asked to think well before taking part in illegal transportation of foreigners as law foresees a criminal responsibility for these actions.