Ukrainian man took ten illegal migrants by cartage


Five men, four women, one of which was of old age, together with 14-year-old child intended to get illegally from Republic of Belarus to Ukraine at night beyond the check point. The group of illegal migrants tried to cross the border in the area of BS “Pitscha”, Shatskyi region, Volyn oblast.

One of the border details noticed the group of persons moving in the cartage from the line of the border in the direction to the populated area of BS Pitscha. The group of reaction started immediately to the place and overtook the night guests. “Travellers” of Asian appearance were the citizens of Palestine according to their documents. They were accompanied by Ukrainian man, local resident. The man explained that day before when he was in the forest stockpiling the woods, an unfamiliar man addressed to him and proposed to take some persons for pay from the border to Ukrainian village.

Now, the measures are undertaken in order to establish all circumstances of the infringement. The citizens of Palestine will be called to administrative responsibility by the court for illegal cross of the state border of Ukraine, concerning the citizen of Ukraine – he is called for responsibility for illegal transportation of persons through the state borer of Ukraine.