Border guards found lost 16-year-old children from Africa in Transcarpathia


As it was reported before, 6 citizens of Eritrea were apprehended at the border in Transcarpathia. The company was getting to Slovakia in the search of better life. While detained they forgot to tell that on their way to Europe they lost two more 16-year-old children. In the morning border guards of BS “Velykyi Bereznyi” detained 2 unfamiliar persons of African appearance. The trespassers were stopped some meters before the border. They did not have any documents but according to their words they arrived from Eritrea and both of them were of 1996 year of birth.

In the course of the check study it was also established that unfamiliar persons assisted them in the trip for $4000. However, soon boys were left in unknown locality. Then, young men decided to go themselves and after a while they were apprehended by the border guards near the border by border detail.