Two Uzbeks were apprehended in the airport of Simferopol


Border guards of Simferopol Detachment detained foreign citizens with forged documents at the International Airport. During the check in of the flight “Simferopol-Tashkent” border guards detected in the passports of two citizens of Uzbekistan, 1972 and 1992 DOB, forged signs on crossing the state border of Ukraine. Detained foreigners reported that the signs on border crossing they falsified aiming at prolongation of stay term in Ukraine. Administrative protocols were issued as to the foreigners on inobservance of the determined order of registration and violation of the stay term in Ukraine. Besides, they were not admitted through the border and were handed over to MOI officers for further investigation actions.

It is worth to mark that it is almost the 12th case of detection of citizens with forged data stamps in the airport Simferopol this year, and 11 of them were the citizens of Uzbekistan. In general, since the beginning of the year 23 potential migrants were not admitted to Ukraine at the check point “Simferopol-air” (16 citizens of Uzbekistan, 6 – Tadzhikistan, 2 – Afghanistan).