Vietnamese was walking to Poland accompanied by the citizen of Czech Republic


Border guards of BS “Parkhomenkove” of Lviv Detachments noticed two unfamiliar persons in the suburb of the village Ustylug, Volyn oblast. The men moving in the direction of the state border were stopped 10 before the border line. During the interview one of the violators reported that he was the citizen of Vietnam and intended to get to Czech Republic. He was assisted by the citizen of Czech Republic accompanied him and had passport for travelling abroad.

At the present moment all circumstances of the infringement are established and citizen of Vietnam is apprehended for 3 days for identification.

The day before the weekend, border guards of BS “Shegeni” of Mostytskyi Detachment, Lviv oblast detained the citizen of Germany. The man tried to assist two citizens of Syria in crossing the border beyond the check point for $10 000.