Consultations conducted with EU expert


On April 18, a meeting of SMS representatives took place with an expert of EU Representation in Ukraine Beltram Damiano concerning the discussion of the project on technical task and project proposals on realization of Concept of State Migration Policy in the frames of realization of Comprehensive Institution Building Programme in migration sphere.

The persons participated in the meeting were: head deputy of Department of Informational Technologies – head of Department of Informatization and Standard Support Kuzmich A.P., adviser of the head deputy of SMS Trischenko V.Y. and head of Department of International Cooperation Shpak D.R..

In the course of the meeting, the parties discussed the existed state of tasks realization by SMS as to issue of documents for departing abroad using State Informational System (SIS), creation of the Single Informational Analytic Management System on migration processes, implementation of requirements of the Law of Ukraine “About single state demographic register and documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine, identifying person or his/her special status”.

While discussing mentioned problems, attention of the expert of Representation of European Commission in Ukraine was focused upon the necessity to realize the prior actions in the frames of Comprehensive Institution Building Programme in order to ensure functioning of the existed and creation of new systems of SMS.