German was arrested assisting citizens of Syria to get to Poland


Border guards of BS “Shegeni” of Mostytskyi Detachment apprehended the trespassers from Syria and Germany. 37-year-old citizen of Germany and two citizens of Syria, 1982 and 1987 DOB, were apprehended in the suburb of the village “Tsykiv”. The violators did had passports for travelling abroad and it was established that they got to Ukraine on legal grounds. However, detained citizens of Syria, being as if in the search of better life conditions, wanted to get job in Germany. After graduating from Ukrainian university, they applied to German Embassy in order to get visas, but they were rejected. Thus, the men decided at first to get to Poland illegally. They were assisted by the citizen of Germany, who was the native of Afghanistan. €10 000 was the reward to the citizen of Germany for the realization of the intentions of Syrians. Detainees were delivered to border subdivision for issuing procedural documents.

One more citizen of Syria was detained in the check point “Shegeni”. He travelled to Poland and gave for control passport for travelling abroad of the citizen of Romania. However, after check measures were conducted it was established that presented document did not belong to him. As he did not have any other documents, the detainee was delivered to TDC for identification. The further destiny will be decided by the court.