“Guests” from Afghanistan and Moldova “were met” by the border guards in Kharkiv oblast


In the area of BS “Vovchansk” in Kharkiv oblast, border guards apprehended three citizens of Afghanistan. The travellers intended to get to Ukraine going beyond the check point. Special device “Khmil” became the obstacle for the uninvited guests, with the help of which border guards detected violators quickly and detained them. As it was established 23-year-old local resident for definite payment was the guide for illegal migrants, who did not gave any documents.

One more traveller was stopped by the border guards of BS “Vesele” of Kharkiv Detachment. 31-year-old young man tried to get to Russia at night. However, border guards stopped him. At first, detainee introduced himself as a local inhabitant, but he could not present any documents. Soon, after check of his stuff in the rucksack, law enforcement agents found well packed provisions for 5-7 days. After that, the traveller confessed that he was the citizen of Moldova and wanted to get to Russia aiming at having a job.

Source: http://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/about/news/news_1506.htm