Border guards apprehended six trespassers with the help of alarm devices and thermal imager


Two citizens of Uzbekistan and a citizen of Ukraine were apprehended on Saturday by the border guards of BS “Shegeni” of Sumy Detachment. Alarm system went off in the check point “Katerynivka”. The reaction group started to the place immediately and in some minutes they detained three trespassers some meters before the state border. In the course of the interview, it was established that one of them was Ukrainian and he intended to smuggle two Uzbek persons through the state border. So far, detainees are passed to SSU officers in Sumy region in order to conduct corresponding investigation actions.

The violator was also caught in the area of BS “Onokivtsi” (Transcarpathian region) after the alarm system went off by the border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” of Chop Detachment. The migrant from Chechnya was “seeker of European happiness” without any documents. The man wanted to get to Slovakia.

Two more violators were detected by the BS “Shegeni” of Mostyskyi Detachment. Two unfamiliar persons were noticed at night with the help of thermal complex. The travellers were the citizens of Turkey.