Ukrainian woman on the fifth month of pregnancy smuggled 16-year-old Georgian to Russia


The citizen of Ukraine and Georgian were apprehended in Luhansk region in the area of BS “Milove” trying to get to Russia illegally beyond the check point.

During the check of the border line borer guards detained two persons moving towards Russian populated area Chertkovo. The detainees were 29-year-old local female resident and 16-year-old boy from Georgia. As it was established, Ukrainian woman being on the fifth month of pregnancy agreed to take the boy through the border for some definite sum of money. It was also established that Georgian arrived to Ukraine legally and having no Russian visa intended to get to Russia in any way as if his parents live there.

At the present moment, by court decision the detainee is fined for 3400 UAH for attempt to cross the state border illegally, and a criminal case is commenced against the woman by SSU workers.