Three “leaders” with illegal migrants were apprehended at the border on Russia


Checking the border line border detail of BS “Milove” of Luhansk Detachment noticed three persons. Unfamiliar persons moving towards Russian populated area Chertkovo were stopped at once and detained. One of the detainees was 66-year-old local woman explained that she and her husband, the citizen of Russia, for certain sum of money decided to take the citizen of Georgia over the border. The man wanted to get to Russia in such a way because as if he did not have visa.

Besides, the border guards of BS “Lozno-Oleksandrivka” of the same detachment caught 41-year-old Ukrainian. The man intended to smuggle 54-year-old woman from Armenia and 58-year-old citizen of Russia. At the present moment, each of detainees are fined for 3400 UAH for attempt to cross the state border illegally by the court decision. SSU workers were informed concerning the persons trying to assist foreigners in illegal trip.