During the day, Moldavian wanted to get twice tor Russia illegally


Border guards of BS “Shalygine” (Sumy oblast) detained a citizen of Moldova, who tried to get to Russia beyond the check point. The alarm system was heard by border detail being on duty in the check point “Katerynivka”. Reaction group with service dog started immediately to look for the possible trespasser. The dog found the track at once and the law enforcement agents detained the violator already in 10 meters from the border. Detainee was 55-year-old citizen of Moldova who made his way towards Russian populated area Gorodysche. As it was established later, this citizen was already apprehended by the border guards of Sumy Detachment while he intended to cross the border in the area of BS “Seredyna Buda”. At that time, the man explained that he as if missed his train and received oral reprimand.

Now, administrative and procedural documents are processed against the detainee concerning the illegal cross of the border.

Source: http://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/about/news/news_1616.htm