Syrian hided his real passport in the socks


SBS officers detected two passengers having forged documents in the check point “Donetsk – airport”. Thus, border guards detected a violator among the passengers of the flight “Istanbul – Donetsk” during the passport control in the morning. 45-year-old citizen of Iraq had forged Ukrainian temporary residence certificate.

In the afternoon, border guards of Donetsk Detachment apprehended one more trespasser. He was 41-year-old passenger of the flight “Kutaisi – Donetsk” presenting for control passport of the citizen of France. However, experienced inspector of border service detected immediately the forgeries of the document and suspected that presented document for control did not belong to the bearer. After a short talk, the foreign citizen confessed that he was the citizen of Syria. Soon the man gave the border guards his real passport of the citizen of Syria, which was hidden in the socks.

At the present moment, foreign citizens are handed over to MOI workers in order to conduct investigation actions and their further involvement to responsibility foreseen by the present legislation.