Afghans tried to get to Hungary from Transcarpathia by boats


Border guards of Chop Detachment apprehended a group of illegal migrants from Southern-Eastern Asia.

Five “travellers” intended to get illegally to Hungary, and not to Slovakia. However, the border guards of BS “Salovka” ruined their plans. Border detail being on duty in that area detected the movement of the persons nearby the border at 4 a.m. with the help of night vision device. In the result of conducted actions on the search of the trespassers, operative group detected 5 illegal migrants – four men and a woman in the approaches to the state border.

As it usually happens, none of the detainees had any documents and they introduced themselves to the border guards as adult citizens of Afghanistan.

It should be marked that the violators had just to get over the river Tysa on their way to wished European Union, along which there is Ukrainian-Hungarian border. However, they were not ready for this: border guards found two rubber boats not far from the place of detention.

In a result, the violators were delivered to border subdivision for establishing the circumstances of the infringement and for processing administrative and procedural documents. Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be defined by the court.