Igor Mykhailyshyn: Migration rotation is sufficiently decreasing


Because of its geopolitical and geo-economic peculiarities Transcarpathia in the past as well as in modern history is in the very centre of migration activity. The task is to follow all these processes and also to influence upon the peculiarities of work and specified tasks.   – About a year has passed since Migration Service was reformed and reorganized.What is the sense of such reorganizations, what are the pluses and minuses new structure has. And the main thing, how does it influenced upon the citizens having necessity to address with some problems.

– The year 2012 for Head Department of SMS of Ukraine in Transcarpathian oblast passed under the sign of  establishment. Under implementation of the Ukrainian President`s Order from April 6,2011 “Problems of State Migration Service of Ukraine” subdivisions of Department on Citizenship,Immigration and Registration of Physical Persons of MOI have passed into competence of SMS. In the oblast this process passed in organized way, without stir and the creation of the nuances for the citizens.

The Service is the civil one, it is not subordinated to law enforcement bodies. Correspondingly,there is a separate article of budget in the order of financing for support of our work.

Before, the service men were called to other responsibilities as MOI workers – even to support public order. Now, is the other thing.

– It can be said that Migration Service in  a present look is a new organization having not so much gained experience. We cooperate with analogue foreign Services, e.g.with Hungarian Migration Service existing already 12 years. We participate in scientific conferences, seminars on experience exchange, study migration tendencies in the entire world. Joint trainings of the specialists are also conducted. Embassies of neighbouring countries, international structures, NGOs make concessions for us in many issues.

– Do you feel any lack of qualified staff?

– Certainly, no. As the specialist were transferred to the Service being already engaged in migration issues, registration work – so they have experience. Actually, we now think of new fresh staff. Recently, Odessa National Legal Academy has opened a new faculty that prepares young specialists in this field. This year, we send four entrants for studies.

– The Service also carries out a definite control for the movement of the foreign citizens along the country.

– The series of organizational actions are carried out being directed upon the strengthening of control for the state and movement of the foreigners along the territory of Ukraine. There are 231 foreign citizens registered in Head Department, who have documented residence permit. The majority of these foreigners stay on the on the territory of Transcarpathia because of employment at big enterprises of the area  (these are doctors, teachers and also businessmen) and work at religious organizations. There are 1705 foreigners permanently residing in the area.

– It should be mentioned that period of migration boom happened in the second part of 80-s – in the beginning of 90-s gradually passes to relatively stable and sufficiently decrease of migration flow. Thus, last year 418 country fellows were issued departures for permanent residence in the abroad countries, in comparison with the year  2007 this number was in two times higher. The principle countries for emigration Transcarpathian residents traditionally choose Hungary and Czech Republic with which the oblast is historically connected as well as Germany, Israel and Russia,where flows of labour migrants are directed.

Certainly, some factors sufficiently influence upon the state of migration in the area – these are closeness of the borders,economic difficulties,numerous relations abroad.

– So-called illegal migrants are often detained in the oblast…

– Because of its geographical position, the area is specially attracted by “shade” migration. Transcarpathia is a transit territory on the way of illegal migrants’ to the countries of European zone and is the key region where there is accumulation, formation of groups and further smuggling through the state border. There are few of those in need of protection, those who escape the wars and the conflicts in the country of origin among the persons apprehended by law enforcement agents. In 2012 in the frames of the realization of new legislation about refugees, which introduced two new forms of protection -namely temporary and subsidiary –   120 applications on protection were submitted by the foreigners in Refugee Department of Head Administration in Transcarpathian oblast. The biggest number of such applications were submitted by the citizens of Afghanistan and Somalia. In total there are 44 recognized refugees and 39 persons granted subsidiary protection in the statistic registration of territorial body of Migration Service.

Temporary Accommodation Centre for refugees with corpuses functions in the town of Mukachevo and Perechyn that from the time of its foundation accepted about thousands persons; 107 persons stayed there last year, now there are 69 refugees.

Efforts of the workers of Migration Service together with the representatives of international organizations are directed upon the integration of these people into Ukrainian society. At financial support of representation of UNHCR in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine and its executive partner International Fund of Health and Environment Care “Region of Carpathians”  – NEEKA” in the region a corresponding pilot project has been realized.Head Department of SMS of Ukraine, Oblast Employment Centre, factory “Flekstroniks” are attracted to its realization, the protocol was signed concerning intentions to employ refugees and asylum seekers in Transcarpathian oblast. System monitoring of corresponding vacancies at the local employment market is carried out also for the expenses of the programmes of small grants of UNHCR, individual approach is applied in the issues of integration of refugees in the search of proposals from small and secondary business concerning their employment. Actually, despite all these efforts, no any asylum seeker declared about their wish and did not registered in a specified order at State Employment Centre.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/135503