Illegal migrants going to Slovakia were apprehended in Transcarpathia


Border guards of Chop Detachment detained twice migrants from post Soviet area.

At about 6 a.m. after technical devices on border security went off the operative group with the service dog apprehended a man and a woman. The married couple was caught having some metres to reach the border line with Slovakia, informed the border guards that they were the citizens of Russia, the native of Chechnya. However, they could not confirm their nationality by no documents.

Unknown person also intended to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border late in the evening. But the attempt to avoid the alarm device by being not noticed was unsuccessful. The service dog brought the operative group to the “traveller” at once. The man introduced himself as the citizen of Moldova, and he aslo did not have any documents to prove it.

At the present moment, the trespassers are delivered to border subdivision “Uzhgorod” in order to establish the circumstances of the infringement and process administrative and procedural documents. Decision on responsibility before the law and further destiny of all detainees will be defined by the court.