Illegal migrants were detected in the airport Boryspil


Border guards of separate check point “Kyiv” in the airport Boryspil did not admit to Ukraine seven citizens of Lebanon arrived by the flight from Beirut. Mentioned passengers, four of them were children, travelled to Kharkiv as if with tourist aim. However, it was established that the citizens of Lebanon came to the country in the search of better residence conditions.

The same day, the border guards rejected in entering the country to two citizens of Nigeria and 9 citizens of Georgia whose aim of the trip did not correspond to the reality. Thus, Nigerians as if arrived for the prom of their friend and planned to stay for a week. However, the border guards detected that these citizens were already refused in issue of visa of Great Britain and Ukraine.

It is worth to mention, that since the beginning of the present year the staff of the check point “Kyiv” detected 415 migrants, 300 of them could not confirm the goal of their trip.