Georgians got to EU countries through Transcarpathia in the search of happiness


State Border Service of Ukraine (SBSU) marks a sufficient increase in the number of the citizens of Georgia that try to cross Ukrainian state border illegally. Their “invasion” was noticed at the border of Transcarpathia for some time past.

The last case happened on Sunday, July 14.Two citizens of Georgia with a little child trying to cross the state border were apprehended by the border guards of BS “Krasnaya Talovka” of Luhansk Detachment. In the course of border regimen control not far from the Ukrainian village Blagoveschenka, law enforcement agents stooped the car driven by the citizen of Ukraine.

There were two citizens of Georgia with a child inside the car. The spouses together with their 4-year-old son intended to get to Russia. Documents on administrative proceeding were executed against the detainees. The citizen of Ukraine is handed over to other law enforcement agents.

SBSU also noted that last week the workers of State Border Service of Ukraine apprehended in Transcarpathia some groups of illegal migrants – originating from Georgia. The trespassers tried to get illegally to the countries of European Union.

In general, since the beginning of the year border guards have already detained more than 110 citizens of Georgia for illegal cross of the border and violation of the rules on stay in Ukraine. In comparison with the previous year this number grew in 1,5 times. Certainly, the goal of their trip is to reach the countries of European Union and Russian Federation. Because of severe legislation for the citizens of Georgia, the majority of them want to get there through Ukrainian territory.

Arriving here officially with often goal of the trip, the citizens of Georgia are apprehended by the border guards while trying to cross the state border of Ukraine. Quite often border guards confiscate forged documents from detainees or they have no any documents identifying their personalities at all.