Africans cannot understand nowise that Transcarpathia is not staging post for them


The border guards of SBSU in Transcarpathia apprehended illegal migrants. The travellers were stopped in the area of BS “Stuzhytsya” of Chop Detachment. The trespassers almost reaching the border had no any documents. As it was established soon, two of them were the citizens of Eritrea, two more – citizens of Sudan and Cote d’Ivoire. Also in the course of infringement circumstances ascertainment, border guards learned that the citizen of Cote d’Ivoire and one of Eritreans had already been detained for the attempt to get to the countries of European Union, and the first of them was caught twice – in March and July. Each of illegal migrants paid about $4000 for their trip. However, persons assisting them, did not keep their promises to deliver the travellers to Slovakia.

According to the words of the detainees, they were 16 to 29 years old, they were dropped off somewhere in the suburb of the road and ordered to wait. But, nobody came in some hours and they decided to move further themselves. They were wandering rather long period and border guards apprehended them near the border.

Some migrants were detained by the border guards of Chop Detachment – they were stopped in the area of BS “Knyagynya” at night 500 meters before the border line. They were the citizens of Syria without any documents.