Six citizens of Georgia and Pseudo-Frenchman were apprehended in Transcarpathia


The violators moving in the direction of the state border were caught up by the border guards of BS “Guta” of Chop Detachment in the evening. Four unknown persons were noticed at the border by district inspector. The service dog helped the border detail to find the tracks of the trespassers. The men reported that they were the citizens of Georgia.

Almost two hours later border guards detained two more travellers from Georgia in the same direction. Observant local resident informed about the appearance of the strangers in border area.

One more violator trying to cross the border with violations was detected by the border guards of the same detachment at railway check point “Chop”. The passenger of the train “Moscow-Budapest” gave for the control the passport of the citizen of France. Law enforcement agents established that the document was valid but it did not belong to the bearer. Also, the passport document contained forged marks about the cross of the state border of Ukraine. Now, the checking measures are undertaken as to the detainees.