Immigrants strive fro Czech Republic


CzechRepublic as a single country of “new Europe” that attracts interest of immigrants. According to data of European Statistic Bureau, about 423 foreigners have arrived to Czech Republic that now comprise 4% of Czech population. Eviction of own population is significant for other countries of “new Europe” (i.e. new members of European Union) as well as rather small interest of the migrants to these countries.

Scale emigration was fixed to Romania, Lithuania or Poland. However, CzechRepublic provokes interest of EU residents and those of so-called third countries. CzechRepublic is chosen as the country for permanent residence by 151 Europeans, the majority of which are Slovakians, Germans and Austrians. In reality, this number s much more bigger as Europeans are not obliged to be registered. 272 000 persons from “third countries” visited CzechRepublic. Czech authority lately breaks the growth in the number of migrants from “third countries” by its severe approach to opening of new long-termed visas.

CzechRepublic is in the top five of the best countries in European Union as to the level of unemployment. Nowadays, the level of unemployment comprises 7,3%. In European comparison, CzechRepublic gets into the top five of the countries with the lowest indexes of unemployment. The least number of the men out of occupation are in the countries as Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Malta. The average European index comprises 10,9%. The things are worse in Greece and Spain. In general, however, the economic result of CzechRepublic is not so brilliant, GDP of the country falls and the country is in slow recession.