FMS prepares network of camps for migrants along the whole Russia


The number of migrants delivered to the camp in the east of Moscow reached 612 persons and on Monday the number can be increased, it is informed by the service capital central authority of MIO. At the same time, Federal Migration Service solves the problem on creation of the network of special establishments for imprisonment of illegal migrants along the whole country. 

Press service of FMS of BBC Russian Service has declared that information about creation of 83 camps published by the newspaper “Komersant” does not quite correspond to reality, however this question is really under discussion. The representatives of the department still reject to give any detailed explanations.

Camp “prison” town was constructed on August 2, the next day after the capital police detected several underground sewing workshops, where about 1,5 thousand migrant laborers worked, namely the citizens of Vietnam.

The camp is intended for 900 persons, there are field kitchens and toilet cabins on its territory as well as equipping for fingerprint analysis. As FMS reports, migrants will start to leave gradually leave after court decisions on deportation.

Complaints on buckwheat

Embassy of Vietnam in Russia has already expressed concern as to the conditions of forced holding of migrants in the camp. “There are 40 persons in the room of 50 m2 there. These are not very good conditions”, – representative of the embassy reported to BBC.

Vladimir Lukin, ombudsman in Russia, visiting the camp also was dissatisfied by the area allotted per person and position of toilets. The head of the fund “Civil Assistance” Svetlana Gannushkina marked in the conversation with “Komersant” that the camp had not any legal status yet that would allow to hold migrants there during temporary isolation.

The members of President Council on human rights visiting the camp together with Lukin, also were unsatisfied with the holding conditions of the migrants and intend to visit it again on Monday.

The very detainees expressed their dissatisfaction as to meals given them at the field kitchens. According to the words of deputy chairman of Social Council of Capital Central Authority of MOI Anton Tsvetkov, Vietnamese asked to change buckwheat to more habitual for them rice.

Besides, as it is reported by the newspaper “Komsomolska Pravda”, the residents of the camp complain on absence of sockets as they have no place to charge their mobile phones as well as it forbidden to smoke on the territory of the camp.

Slave work of Vietnamese

Vietnamese migrants told to journalists arrived to the camp that they had to work in the workshops for 14 hours a day without days off and for all that they did not get any salary, however they were proposed to pay $ 300-400 per month.

In the course of Police and FMS checks, the workers of the workshops had to hide because their chiefs bribed inspectors and then those went without any claims.

On Monday, the press service of MOI informed about the detection of the group of Vietnamese in Moscow area, which was engaged in organization of illegal migration of their country fellows to Russia.  According department’s information, the members of the grouping organized illegal workshop on clothes sewing in the premise of livestock complex in Lenin region, Moscow oblast.

Supposedly, they took away passports of the workers and then forced them to work under a strict ban to leave the territory of the workshop. Police apprehended 52 citizens of Vietnam without documents as well as supposed organizers of illegal migration.

About a year ago, BBC reported about analogous situation with Vietnamese workers at one of the sewing factories in Moscow area. The workers of the factory “Vinashtar”, the owners of which were also from Vietnam, complained that they were forced to work for 18 hours per day, seven days a week. They also made complaints on bad meals, regular beatings and ban on leaving the territory of the factory.