Two Turks arrived to Ukraine with forged passports of the citizens of Lithuania and Slovakia


Border guards of Odessa Detachment apprehended a passenger arrived from Turkey in the international airport “Odessa”. For passing control the man gave the passport of the citizen of Lithuania, however the border guards detected that page with constituent data of the owner was changed in the document. Finally, the very passenger reported that he was 40-year-old citizen of Turkey. He also told that he effected a fake marriage with the woman from Lithuania, who helped him in receiving forged document for € 30 thousand. He bough this document for free movement along the countries of European Union.

One more citizen of the same country arrived from Istanbul was detained in the airport “Simferopol”. Border guards established that the passport of the citizen of Slovakia he presented for control was completely forged. Apropos, his personality was confirmed by the presence of valid passport for travelling abroad of the citizen of Turkey, which he had with himself. The forged documents were confiscated and pseudo-travellers were returned by return flight to the countries of departure.