Russian Mass Media: camp of migrants as public company of the government



Central Mass Media writes about migration problems in Russia. In particular, opening of deportation camp in Moscow and intentions of the government to increase the number of departments that would have right to control the flow of migrants to Russia became the reason for the leading article at “Independent newspaper”.

According to data of newspaper, regulation on this point will be adopted in September. To give “non-permission” on this point – namely such bureaucratic term is used in this paper – is allowed to use by 11 federal ministers and services. Number one is MOI, then Federal Security Service, and Ministry of Protection, Russian Financial Monitoring and Foreign Intelligence Service, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Migration Service and Federal Service of Russian Federation on Control for Drug Traffic. Russian Consumer Inspectorate and Federal Medical and Biological Agency complete this list.

All departments having right to make decision on deportation now will be coordinated by FSS. Thus, resent order of Vladimir Putin should be implemented promptly, after the scandal on beating police officer at the capital market, law enforcement agencies started to control strictly commercialization”, – regards “Independent Newspaper” (“IN”).

By the way, as “IN”marks, lately FMS has begun to gush with various legislative initiatives. However, not all of them were accepted by the society adequately.

After urgently opened deportation camp in Gol’yanovo, Moscow, Mass Media presented information that FMS is going to open the same camps along the whole Russia. The press service assured the newspaper that it was not right. It is said about stationary holding centers for foreigners that would be deported.

The Embassy of Vietnam, whose citizens are mainly kept at Gol’yanovo, has already criticized Russian authorities naming the conditions in which detainee stay to be inhuman. Also, the members of the President Council on Human Rights intend to give negative evaluation of the present situation at “ethnic camp”, as it was characterized in the blog sphere, on Wednesday, August 7.

The members of PCHR together with Social Supervising Commission and ombudsman Vladimir Lukin will demand immediate correction in the work of the camp, – it is said on the pages of “IN”, by the chairman of Moscow SSC Valeriy Bortchev.

“Holding of foreigners at special premises always has been hideous. However, the present case implies to have outright racism, – the human rights activist convinced. – The thing is not in organization of the camp, as a matter of principle it comes out that in relation to separate ethnos one can forget about human rights”.

The head of Moscow Helsinki Group Ludmyla Alekseeva underlines in the interview with “IN” that special premises for illegal migrants exist in many countries, however in Russia placement of detained illegal migrants there became as public campaign.

Newspaper “Vedomosti” writes in editorial comments on this subject that creation of the camp for some hundreds and even thousands persons reminds of attempt to take out the sea with the spoon.

“In general, – the newspaper regards, – it is a story about artificial creation of the problem and its skilful use by the politicians and governmental structures. The government creates a problem rejecting to make political solution on migration issue. Then, politicians gain scores rousing xenophobia in the society. Now, the law enforcement agents also gained opportunity to increase their part in this profitable project”.