IN: Moscow is going to get rid of their illegal migrants to Kyiv


Problem migrants will go to Ukraine, those of which Russia wants to get rid of, – Tatiana Ivzhenko writes in Russian “Independent Newspaper”.

In the near future, Russia will cardinally change the rules on attraction to employment of the migrants. It is said, on one hand, about simplification of the procedure on receiving legal work, and on the other hand about thigh measures concerning the illegal migrants. It is prognosticated in Kyiv that it will substantially increase the flow of Ukrainian migration to Russia, but the main thing it will influence upon the quality of labour power. Good specialist will to go work to neighboring country instead of unqualified workers. Ukraine has not yet thought of the way how to hold the outflow of the personnel.

The changes in migration policy were announced by the deputy assistant director of Department on Work Organization with foreign citizens of Federal Migration Service of RF Dmitriy Demidenko. “We plan to revise seriously and modernize the existed order of quota issue in order to attract foreign labour power. Employees having a definite vacancy set reports it to Municipal Employment Body, which in the course of two months looks for Russian workers for these working places. If they do not manage to select job applicants out of the number of Russians, so the Employment Body gives the employee opinion letter about reasonability to attract foreign workers. The company can hire migrants with this document” – he said in the interview to “Russian newspaper”.

The official marked that the former mechanism of quota system did not justify expectations, as it could not hold the process of illegal migration: “Introducing quota we restrict the inflow of legal foreign workers. However, illegal flow goes beyond the quotas.”

On one hand, it is said about simplification of the procedures on receiving legal work, and on the other hand – about severe measures as to illegal migrants.

Simplifying bureaucratic procedure, FMS hopes to attract qualified foreigners to work, who are interested in legalization of their status on the territory of RF as well as to get Russian citizenship since.

There are other developing measures aimed at achieving the same goal – in particular, introduction of the system of obligatory medical insurance for all migrants. In the end of July, informational agencies have reported that  Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Labour of Russian Federation endorse the bill proposing that foreign worker was obliged to present policy of voluntary insurance to employee. Otherwise, the employee would be obliged to pay himself for the treatment of the foreigner worker.

The chief of FMS Konstyantyn Romodanovskyi in the course of the meeting with the representatives of business explained: “It will not, certainly, happen tomorrow. We will have to work out too many details before the idea gets real contours”. But he specifies that the problem will have been solved anyway as Russia cannot provide all migrants with free medical services, 75% of which arrived from CIS countries. About 5 billion rubles are spent yearly for treatment of migrant labors from the budget of Moscow. However, the experts suppose that obligatory medical insurance promises to employees and hired workers, but they can be compensated by the simplification of the procedure of employment.

Simultaneously, the measures concerning illegal migrants will become tougher: the fines will be increased, a reentering the territory of Russian Federation will be banned. “Since the beginning of the year 2013 we closed the entrance to more than 145 thousand migrants and we are going to continue this job. Our informational resources show that the group at risk (migrants who exceed the term of legal stay and does not register their labour status for further stay on the territory of the country) goes beyond 3 million persons. In perspective, entrance to Russia should be closed for all these people”- Dmitriy Demidenko reported.

The reform will concern the citizens of Ukraine, which according to Russian official data is on the third place after Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as to the number of migrants in RF. The real situation can differ much as statistics is based on legal employment by which only 300 thousand Ukrainians can boast of. By suppositions of Ukrainian analytics, millions Ukrainian migrants can be in Russia, the majority of which have been interested in legalization of their status, but being unable to do it because of bureaucratic obstacles.

“Since the times of USSR, Russia still stays the main direction of labour migration from Ukraine. The borders are transparent, there are no visas, one can enter with national passport. Ukrainians easily assimilate, dissolve in Russian society owing to absence of language barriers as well as cultural and religious community” – it was said by “IN” economist of Kyiv Centre of Political Investigations and conflictology, Aleksandr Koshyk. He explains that there is too much of working force in many regions of Ukraine in the number of interior economic reasons: “Qualified specialists and good workers are always in need in Russia, whatever political statements are sounded. And, certainly, it is comfortable to have a deal with Ukrainian migrants.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Pavel Gaidutskyi in the article for the newspaper “Mirrors of the week” marked that according to Ukrainian Centre of Social Investigations and Institute of Ethnology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the number of Ukrainian labour migrants reaches 4,5-5 million persons. “According to unofficial data, the majority of Ukrainians work in Russia, however as to official one – contrariwise, more of them are in EU, though in three times more. There are much more of those who wish to go to EU to work – 63%. Thus, Ukrainians see more legal labour market in European Union,”- Gaidutskyi stressed.

However, crisis in European zone influences upon the situation. In case Russia simplifies bureaucratic procedures and liberalizes the conditions on attracting qualified labour force, so much more Ukrainians will go to neighboring country. Those, hoping to be legalized easily and being feared with humiliating deportation, preferred European direction.

This opinion was proved recently by the chief of the capital department of FMS Olga Kirilova. She marks that the majority of illegal migrants arrive to Moscow from the countries of Middle Asia, and the number of Ukrainians as well as Byelorussians becomes less and less. “Nowadays, the most problematic are the representatives of Middle-Asian region. If speaking of qualitative predominance so these are migrants from Uzbekistan, then Kirgizia and Tajikistan. Concerning representatives of Ukraine and Belarus – those who we wish to see more because they are not such visible among the local population, – so their inflow, unfortunately, has a tendency to decrease and not to grow up”.

Now, the situation can change. But it promises problems for Ukraine, it is marked by the experts. Aleksandr Koshik tells to IN that demography has reached the crisis point in the country and the place of departed are usually occupied by those problem migrants from which Russia intends to get rid of. Before, Ukraine has been transit government for the migrants from unfavorable regions of the world. Now, they settle on our territory. Moreover, often they do not apprehend cultural traditions, Christianity; they do not learn the language. It can be said about millions of people. It means that in the nearest future Ukraine can face with a very serious problem”.