More than a thousand persons were apprehended at Moscow market Sadovod


Police officers delivered more than a thousand persons for the examination in the frames of action carried out at the market of southeastern part of Moscow. Moscow police realized operative and preventive actions at the Market Sadovod. About 400 police officers took part in the action.

Market Administration declared that it had understanding attitude to the work of law enforcement bodies and assisted them. The very market was not closed for the period of examination.

It will be recalled that massive raids have started at Moscow markets in 2013 after July 27 when crowd of migrants beat the police officer at Matveev Marker. In the course of the special operation, more than thousand migrants were apprehended – they were from Vietnam, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Kirgizia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. The camp was constructed for detainees in the district of Gol’yanovo. More than 400 foreigners, mainly the women, were later transferred from the camp to special receiving boxes and detention centers.

Human rights activist criticized severely the opening of deportation camp in Moscow and intentions of the government as to the increase of departments that would have right to control the flow of migrants to Russian as well as the plans of FMS to open the camps for illegal migrants along the whole Russia. Human rights activists affirm that special receiving boxes for illegal migrants exist in many countries of the world, however, the placement of detained illegal migrants there became public company. The government is reproached with the conditions of foreigners’ keeping that do not correspond to standards, and coverage of the company stirs up xenophobia in the society.

Besides, the leader of unregistered oppositional party “Other Russia”, Euduard Limonov regards that big company of RF authorities can turn out repression against the members of the opposition.